With its mandate to develop the commercial and industrial sector in the country, the Corporation has a pivotal role to play in the diversification of the economy through manufacturing projects. Due to the fact that competition for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the region remains high, BDC embraces the challenge to attract quality investors to the country, and as a result, has had to come strategies of growing its portfolio in this sector.


This sub-sector includes financial institutions, hotels & tourism, and transport. The Corporation has invested in tourism infrastructure, and continues to be a major player in the industry. The Corporation’s strategy is very aligned to Botswana Government’s tourism strategy encourages the development of "high cost-low volume" ventures. In the financial services arena, Botswana Government offers many more additional incentives for development of projects in the financial services sector, including an attractive tax regime.

Central to Corporation’s mandate is to pioneer sectors and help grow them. Among these important sectors is the agricultural sector in Botswana. The importance of this sector cannot be overemphasized, with the need for the country to produce its own food being recognised as one of the best ways to reduce reliance on imports. The inherent risks and the slow rate of returns in the agricultural sector compel BDC, with its strong emphasis on development projects, to take a leading role in agricultural projects.


The Investment division provides monitoring and supervision services to BDC’s portfolio of companies engaged in a wide range of agricultural activities. In recognising the risks of investing in the agricultural sector, especially in a drought prone country such as Botswana, BDC assists in evaluating feasibility studies through the provision of agricultural technical information and experiences, with regards to modern farming in Botswana.


The full range of products offered by BDC, including long term loans and equity are available to investors looking to invest in agricultural projects. Currently the farm is leased to Kwenantle Farmers.


As a development financier, BDC has been instrumental in the sustained growth of the Property market, through its 100% owned properties, and partnerships. The Corporation plays a critical role in developing and managing residential, commercial, hotel and industrial properties across the country.
The Corporation also monitors a portfolio of property development loan facilities held with subsidiary, affiliate and non-affiliate companies, through partnerships or joint venture developments.