Property Development and Management

As a development financier, BDC has been instrumental in the sustained growth of the Property market, through its 100% owned properties, and partnerships.

Part of Investment Division's mandate is developing and managing residential, commercial, hotel and industrial properties for BDC.

The division also monitors a portfolio of property development loan facilities held with subsidiary, affiliate and non-affiliate companies, through partnerships or joint venture developments.

Through Industrial properties, there is potential for further bespoke factory shell developments with the intention to accommodate Botswana based enterprises as there has been a significant increase in production based businesses around the country.







BDC has committed to refurbishing hotel properties owned by the Corporation across the country. This initiative is in line with the increasing competition in this specific market industry, and is also expected to not only strengthen the Property portfolio, but will also have a spill over effect in the tourism sector.

As the Services sector looks to grow, the Investment Division may explore developments in new tourism areas, including the Trans Kalahari Highway.

Business opportunities are available in:

  • Commercial Property Development

  • Industrial Property Development and Rental

  • Residential Property Development and Rental

  • Hotel property development

Apart from business development activities, the Investment  Division is involved in the management of the existing property portfolio across the industry sectors.

This entails the following;

  • Letting of properties / lease management

  • Rental collection, and

  • Property maintenance