Unlocking Innovation- MD Speaks at Inaugural Deloitte TMT Predictions Panel

Our very own MD graced the discussion panel at the inaugural Deloitte & Touche Botswana Technology, Media,Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions event in Gaborone. The forum provided the perfect platform for discussion on the #NewBDC mandate, mission and way of doing business.

The event saw such illustrious guests as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ms. Goitsemang Morekisi (representing the Honourable Minister Tshenolo Mabeo); and Deloitte’s TMT Africa Leader, Mr. Mark Casey, who unpacked the TMT Predictions. These were compiled by over 7,000 Deloitte TMT professionals all over the world. Accompanying Mr. Gatesaloe on the panel were fellow captains of industry: Mr. Alan Boshwaen, the CEO of Botswana Innovation Hub; Mr. Monametsi Kalayamotho, CEO of Moro Group; and Mr. Nicolas Katsikides, COO & GM Africa operations for DStv Digital Media. In its 14th year, the TMT Predictions have been launched in 46 countries, translated into almost 10 languages, downloaded and viewed by tens of thousands of people around the world. The Predictions have a significant medium and long-term impact for organisations in TMT Industry. The engagement was the inaugural TMT Predictions forum in Botswana. With a strong background having advised and consulted to the Botswana Government as well as to Botswana’s leading companies across the banking, telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing and mining industries, Mr. Gatesaloe is no stranger to the role technology and innovation can play in business. The #NewBDC, as Mr. Gaetsaloe noted, is “serious about innovation.” He further went on to note that the #NewBDC “will leverage technology to unlock value in traditional and new sectors to answer the big questions facing Botswana.” BDC’s participation in the TMT Predictions engagement is but one example of our belief in the importance of strategic collaboration and stakeholder engagement as a means towards the sharing of ideas and insights. BDC believes in asking and answering the big questions, and this proved to be an invaluable platform to further that agenda