Marekisetso A Morogo Wa Rona T/A Botswana Horticulture Market (BHM)

Botswana Horticultural Market (BHM) is a commission cum wholesale market where producers deliver their produce to Market Agents who then sell the produce to buyers or may sell directly to wholesalers. BHM therefore serves as a point of distribution where local horticultural producers send their produce for sale by independent market agents and wholesalers directly to traders, retailers and the public.
BHM makes a 5% non-negotiable commission on the selling of all fresh produce, while market agents earn a negotiable 7.5% commission on the selling price of all produce. The fixed 5% commission received by BHM is for managing and maintaining a competitive marketing system and infrastructure that makes fresh produce trading possible, including a computerized sales system, cash collections, cold storage facilities, cleaning and security. All activities and operations are regulated through a Code of Conduct enforced by market management.

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