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Talana Farms (Pty) Ltd

Talana Farms (Pty) Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of BDC.  The company’s key focus is to support Botswana’s agricultural industry.  The company currently has a farm which is leased out for various integrated farming ventures. The property is located within the Northern Tuli Block Farms some 140 kilometres west of Selebi Phikwe. The farm is at the confluence of the Limpopo River and Motloutse River.

Marekisetso A Morogo Wa Rona T/A Botswana Horticulture Market (BHM)

Botswana Horticultural Market (BHM) is a commission cum wholesale market where producers deliver their produce to Market Agents who then sell the produce to buyers or may sell directly to wholesalers. BHM therefore serves as a point of distribution where local horticultural producers send their produce for sale by independent market agents and wholesalers directly to traders, retailers and the public.