Kwenantle Ground Breaking Ceremony at Talana Farms

Botswana Development Corporation Limited (BDC) is the country’s main agency for commercial and industrial development. Established in 1970, the organisation is 100% owned by the Government of Botswana. Its primary mandate is to work towards assisting in the establishment and development of commercially viable businesses in Botswana. BDC ‘s focus sectors are un-tapped and under-invested sectors such as Agriculture, Energy, Innovation and Technology. This is  in line with Corporation’s objective of pioneering sectors and unlocking value in existing ones.

BDC continues to promote viable agricultural projects through equity participation and debt funding to both citizens and non-citizens in various sectors of farming. One of BDC’s Argic investment properties is Talana Farms (Pty) Ltd. The farm is 1802 ha of land obtained in 1974.  The farm has been leased out to operators for various integrated farming projects. BDC is very committed to playing a significant role in the agricultural sector, the horticultural sub-sector included to ensure food sufficiency and security in the country. This, will be achieved by working with other important stakeholders like Kwenantle Farmers, who are current tenants at Talana farms.

BDC is fully committed to seeing Talana farms, Kwenantle Farmers and the agriculture sector in general growing and adding value to the broader economic landscape of Botswana