Making African Success Stories - BDC MD's Desk

"Stepping into such big shoes as I have at BDC, I have encountered a heritage of nation building that has seen Botswana develop into a vibrant economy, an economy with room for more diversification and growth. This was a challenge any man relishes, an opportunity to learn from the greats while also contributing to their legacy. All romanticism aside, however BDC is an institution; by that, I mean a landmark organisation which has touched the lives of Batswana in a tangible sense. In its 45 years of existence, the Corporation has gone from limited opportunities to limitless possibilities. Luckily for me, this was where I entered the picture. Where my chapter begins sees us returning the Corporation to profitability and preparing ourselves to take advantage of future opportunities. Currently, we are implementing a strategy that will rationalise our portfolio and divest from 12% of our assets which are not in line with where we want to go. It was a decision informed by our mandate that we help set up business sectors in Botswana; and once those sectors are matured we let Batswana businesses take it from there. We understand that some of our decisions may be perceived as challenging by some of our stakeholders.

We urge them to bear in mind that BDC’s mandate is to develop economic sectors that will empower Batswana to go into business for themselves. Once BDC has done its job developing a sector, there should be no limit as to where the entrepreneurs can take it. We have partners in this endeavour who will help maintain momentum, namely the Botswana Government, who creates policies that are conducive for business; Local Enterprise Authority (LEA); Citizen Empowerment Development Agency (CEDA), Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH); and the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC), amongst others. They all play an important role in assisting entrepreneurs to get started or elevate their business game; Last but not least, we also have financial institutions and, ultimately, the private sector itself. I have every confidence that the #NewBDC team will achieve our goal of doubling the business in the next 5 years. We are currently worth P3.6 billion Pula and I would like us to toast better than P7 billon by 2019. This is of course an ambitious target that becomes realistic when we factor in the contribution of our partners. We are all making more African success stories to share with the world; ours will include #NewBDC. I am extremely proud to be leading an organisation that I feel is instrumental in creating opportunities for many Batswana, and another African Success Story"