BDC participates at MTI Parastatal Games

BDC participated at the first Annual All Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) Parastatal Tourney 2014 which took place at the Bank of Botswana sports grounds on the 17th of April. The competition was between BDC, LEA, BITC, CEDA, BOBS, CA, and MEDIA. The teams logged heads for football, netball, volley ball, relay and tug of war.

The aim of these games was to interact and build a strong relationship between the teams to promote unity within the Ministry of Trade and Industry. This was an all in one initiative to bring together these organisations which have complementary roles and share a common target market. The media as one of the very important stakeholders that took part in these games; their role is to disseminate information and their services are essential to the public and all parastatals. The host, BITC, is responsible for sourcing out investment opportunities around the world and making sure that Botswana is internationally recognized. Another crucial entity in the MTI is LEA; they provide mentorship to entrepreneurs who subsequently turn to BDC and CEDA for financial assistance as the two act as Government’s Investment and Developmental arms respectively. The Competition Authority is the primary enforcement agency for competition law and policy. Its mandate is to monitor, control and prohibit anti-competitive trade or business practices in the economy of Botswana.

The above mentioned organisations play a very big role in the economic diversification drive initiative as a way of curbing competition. Having all parastatals in one bracket is a one stop shop and makes it easy for possible investors. This was also to promote team-work, sportsmanship, talent and positive energy.

BDC team was in high spirits as the EXCO and ladies teams came second in the relay competitions. The BDC Soccer team came second in the soccer finals, losing 3-2 to Botswana Investment and Trade Centre. Congratulations to all teams for the great performance and team spirit portrayed